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 Our Tenant Finish / Tenant Improvement Team Will Get You Set Up

Years of experience as property owners make us ideal for TI (Tenant Improvement).

What's the first three considerations of business? Yep. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! 

Once you've found the perfect location, then what? TI is known in our business as the abbreviation of Tenant Improvement or Tenant Finish. It is the construction of the interior and exterior your facility to fit your business needs.

For example, changing a janitorial and maintenance company to a store that sells plumbing and construction supplies sounds easy because the two businesses sound so similar, but Summit would probably change interior, exterior, signage, counters, paint, flooring, parking...etc. The punch list goes on and on...

We use our years of experience in tenant improvement and tenant finish to work together with the business owner to make the vision come to life. Our suburban Denver, Colorado location is conveniently located for your business. Call us today at 303-547-7169 to have your tenant finish or business renovation started.

Set up your meeting in Parker, CO or at your facility to get started. We have you covered!
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